2009 Challenge 104/365 – Tattoo

The assignment today was “tattoo”… I don’t have any tattoos, so what to do? I just started taking some shots of myself – mostly face shots for some reason, waiting to see if an idea popped into my head. Then I took a few macros of my right eye and it came to me…

What if your eyeball were a camera lens? I looked it up and there are some slight variations in expert opinion, but basically, your eye would be about a 43mm prime lens with a maximum aperture of f/2.4 (pupil fully dilated) and can stop down to about f/8 or f/11 in bright light.

What about shutter speed? The human eye has a typical shutter speed of about 1/100th-second and can be as fast as 1/200th-second. Furthermore, the eye’s “picture” is about 576 megapixels and its ISO ranges from 1 to 800.

Canon EOS 5D
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM


One thought on “2009 Challenge 104/365 – Tattoo

  1. I think it is totally cool that you know all that. I’d always heard that the naked eye was about 50mm (on a 35mm frame… not a 1.6 crop).

    Found you from AlphaInventions (in case you were wondering). You’ve got some truly phenomenal work here! I am awed.

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