Alive Like Me

Iwasn’t going to post this photo, but I started watching “Dead Like Me” last night. This is all 100% true – freaky, a little unsettling and 100% true.

1. While watching the first episode, the photo topic was posted. Get this, the topic was DEATH. A little weird, right? Death? Just to give you an idea of how out of left field this was, the previous topics posted were; Fast Movement, Circle, Popcorn, Chain, Bird, Open, Silk, Shoe. Now Death?

2. While checking my rss feeds earlier today, I came across a posting about the 24 season finale. For some reason, I immediately thought of an actress that was in season 2 maybe? Anyway, I absolutely despise this actress – Laura Harris. Nails on a chalkboard. 1,000 nails on 1,000 chalkboards. I am constantly amazed that there continue to be casting directors incompetant enough to see any talent whatsoever in her. Her acting talent consists soley of melodramatic squinting. Seriously… squinting. Grrrrr. That’s the last season of 24 I watched. She ruined a perfectly good series. Anyway, as I am rehashing all of this, I look up and at that exact moment, Laura Harris enters the frame making her squinty appearance on “Dead Like Me” 1,000 nails, 1,000 chalkboards. Grrrr.

3. I’m watching and… ok, just a warning, this is when it really starts getting weird… Shakespeare sonnets come up. There’s a college girl that likes Shakespeare sonnets, one of the characters is trying to woo her and of course, he is brushing up on his Shakespeare. Ok, at the same time, a tweet comes in from @sockington: “IF YOU FEED US DO WE NOT PURR boy that shakespeare sure gets…” I’m reading this and at the exact moment I’m reading “Shakespeare” in my head, 1,000 nails on 1,000 chalkboards says “Shakespeare” as part of her lines. JUMPED OUT OF MY FREAKING SKIN.

4. I was going through my photos – looking for something to post tomorrow. I had this photo of small park pond. Nothing postable, but I was curious to see what it might look like flipped upside down. The reflections in the water made for interesting perspective when looked at upside down… a surreal quality or sorts. I don’t ever do this – flip my photos upside down to see what they would look like, but right then I did. I was contemplating posting it when I looked up at the TV screen and… the picture was upside down. THE PICTURE WAS UPSIDE DOWN. Two of the characters were laying on their backs looking at things upside down.

Numbers 3 and 4 happend within 15 minutes of each other and kind of freaked me out. What are the odds? What are the odds of any one of these four happening, let alone ALL FOUR? So, “Alive Like Me” is my attempt to counteract the “Dead Like Me” voodoo that is going on here in my living room. Be gone voodoo, be gone!

Canon EOS 5D
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM


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